SHE Choir Manchester

SHE Choir Manchester welcomes all women and non binary people over the age of 18 to our unauditioned, free, community choir.

Formed in 2010 by three friends attending the University of Manchester, the choir has grown and changed in the past decade.

Original founders Susie, Hannah and Ellie used their initials for the naming of the choir. We are part of the SHE Choir Network which has spread internationally since it was started in Manchester in 2010.

About SHE Choir

SHE Choir is unique in that we arrange all our own songs and any member of SHE Choir can teach, arrange or conduct a song from our repertoire at rehearsals or gigs. Our repertoire is reviewed by the choir committee and ranges from pop to punk. If you just want to turn up and sing, that’s okay too! All members are free to have as much or as little involvement in the organisation of SHE Choir as they want.

As a free choir, any donations we receive for performance go back into the choir - as a non-profit we use any funds to facilitate our retreat and exchange programme with other choirs, or pay for travel to perform outside of Manchester.

Who we are

SHE Choir Manchester is a cooperative choir. We sing our own arrangements and make decisions collaboratively. We welcome all women and non binary people and actively strive to offer a welcoming, safer space for anyone who wants to sing with us. All members are free to have as much or as little involvement in the organisation of SHE choir as they want, but everyone needs to share our values of cooperation and collaboration.

Upcoming events

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We are currently looking for a regular home. We’re welcoming new members though, and now is an excellent time to join.

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